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Your patients can access psychological focussed services with a mental health professional, Roxane is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Medicare provider number is 5344372L.  A GP referral, called a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan, is required to claim Medicare rebates for the first 6 sessions. A GP review is needed for the second block of sessions. Please send your referrals to Get Perspective fax number: +61735408110

Medicare Rebates under Better Access (GPMHTP Plan)

20 individual psychology treatment sessions allowed each January to December in a calendar year.  In addition to these services there are 20 group therapy sessions allowed each January to December in a calendar year.

Please note: Group therapy sessions are not currently being held at Get Perspective. We will advertise when they recommence

Gap Fees with Medicare

There is a discounted fee for clients who hold a current Concession Card. If a Mental Health Treatment Plan is in place, it means after the rebate has been received, the out-of-pocket costs can be as low as $45.  Bulk billing approved for 10 % of referrals based on significant financial distress. For further information go to rates and insurances.

How it Works?

Patients must be referred for focussed psychological strategies – allied mental health services by either a GP or medical practitioner managing the patient under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (GP items 2700, 2701, 2715, 2717).  Medicare is currently allowing an additional 10 rebates under Pandemic Support measures. This means patients could access up to 20 rebates per calendar year. This will be in place until June 2022. Patients should speak to their GP to discuss eligibility.

GP Mental Health Treatment Plan

Once per 12 months from the date of the plan.
A plan may last several years and triggers 4-6 sessions at a time. The Pandemic Support Review allows for an additional block of 10 rebates

First GP Mental Health Care Review

A first review is between 4 weeks and 6 months.
Subsequent reviews are at least 3 months apart.
They trigger a second block of sessions.

NOTE: Information is up to date as 1/11/2020. For more up to date information, contact Medicare Australia