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Therapy for helping professionals

Therapy for helping professionals

One of my passions is providing support and therapy to helping professionals, people who have dedicated their careers to helping others: teachers, doctors, hair stylists, attorneys, social workers, psychologists, nurses, advocates, police officers, massage therapists, personal trainers, and many more.

Helping professionals face unique challenges and stressors, as their daily work helping others is often emotionally and physically draining.  Helping professionals are exposed to others’ traumas (and sometimes criticism), are often overworked, and may not receive enough support from coworkers.  Some of the symptoms of “burn out” or compassion fatigue may include: poor self-care, lack of motivation, mental and physical exhaustion, bottling up emotions, feeling disconnected, sleep difficulties, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, depression, and an overall feeling of frustration or lack of connection to your clients and your work.  As a helping professional, you may also find that some of your own unresolved traumas or issues may come up.

As a committed helping professional with years of experience providing clinical supervision and therapy, I am here to help you to stay energised and manage the stressors of your work.  We will increase your understanding and insight into symptoms of burn out, process your experience, and develop healthy coping skills for you to practice daily.

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