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A Mental Health Social Work Consultant provides a unique lense to your organisation on every level – individual, group, community and systems.  Social Work consultants provides a fantastic opportunity to draw people in on complex casework on a systematic basis. Inviting a specialist consultant into your space encourages those involved to think differently about their practice.

“The consultant is a leader invited in from outside who manages organizational culture for internal integration and external adaptation. The consultant offers skills, technology, and knowledge not found in the organization enabling the organization to cope with new external environments.”

Edgar Schein, author of Organizational Culture and Leadership (2010)

Roxane sees the value in multidisciplinary work and decision-making to help individuals and families with high-level need and complexity.  There are a number of people who are involved in service delivery and the decision-making process and being able to facilitate effective and robust support is crucial. Multidisciplinary working is critical, but so is the time to do the job. As a mental health social worker, Roxanes’ goal is to have human services workers in every area of our community to be skilled, confident, and able to fulfill their potential.


Team culture and Performance Development

Case Conceptualisation

Case Planning

Workplace Wellbeing